Business Surveillance Camera Systems

A quality Business Surveillance Camera System can help protect your business, record what happens, allow you to monitor your business on your television or PC, and even let you view your cameras over the internet. These Business Surveillance camera systems have come a long way in the last 10 years, and now are affordable for virtually any business, allowing even small businesses to stay protected from theft and vandalism.

Standalone DVR Systems

Standalone DVR Business Surveillance Camera Systems are a great choice for businesses who need to be able to record from their surveillance cameras right onto a hard drive in a standalone DVR, so that they do not need a PC. These Standalone DVR systems even offer the option for remotely viewing your cameras from a PC over the internet.
Standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Systems

PC-Based DVR Systems

The most feature-rich, highest resolution business surveillance camera systems are PC-Based DVR Systems. These systems provide a great high resolution recording through a DVR card, and record right onto the hard drive in your Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC. These systems also allow for the greatest remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to see your cameras in full resolution from a PC, Laptop, PDA, iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android phone, Windows Mobile PDA or even Windows Mobile Smartphones.
Business PC-Based DVR Cards and Systems

Business Surveillance Cameras

There are many types of Business Surveillance cameras that can help you protect your business. Below you will find several different catagories of business surveillance security cameras to suit your installation.

Outdoor Business Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Dome Business Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Covert Business Surveillance Cameras

Infrared Night Vision Business Surveillance Cameras

Business MegaPixel IP Surveillance Cameras

Business PC-Based DVR Cards and Systems

For Business Surveillance Camera installations, PC-Based DVRs are a choice to consider. These PC-Based DVR Systems provide a great quality high resolution recording. PC-Based DVR Systems consist of a PCI DVR Card, which installs into your Windows XP or Windows Vista PC, providing inputs for your surveillance cameras, and allowing the cameras to record directly onto your PC's hard drive. The PC-Based DVR will then use your existing broadband internet connection, allowing you to view your cameras in full-resolution over the internet. PC-Based systems are generally the most feature-rich systems, providing full resolution recording, great motion detection adjustment, email motion alerts, remote viewing from a PC, Laptop or PDA phone and more.

Below you will find several different PC-Based DVR Systems to suit the needs of your business security camera installations.

PC-Based DVR Cards Business Surveillance Systems

Alnet Business Surveillance Camera DVR Cards

For the highest resolution video recording available, we highly recommend these Alnet Systems DVR Card/Software packages. Each of these DVR Cards for Windows XP or Vista PC use, include award-winning Alnet VDR-S and VDR-C software, providing the highest resolution recording and live viewing, along with full-resolution remote viewing through the remote client software, remote recording capabilities, Windows Mobile 5 & Windows Mobile 6 PDA Phone Remote Viewing, Windows Smartphone Remote viewing, JAVA HTML Remote Viewing, JAVA Cell-Phone Remote Viewing and more. This software provides the greatest selection of features and adjustability of any DVR Card and software that we have tested.

Alnet Business CCTV PC-Based DVR CardsAlnet PCI DVR Cards

4-Channel 30 fps Alnet Business PCI DVR Card
4-Channel 120 fps Alnet REAL-TIME Business PCI DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

16-Channel 240 fps Alnet Business PCI DVR Card
16-Channel 480 fps Alnet REAL-TIME Display Business PCI DVR Card
32-Channel 240 fps Alnet Business PCI DVR Card

Security Eyes Business PC-Based DVR Card/Software Packages

For lower budget business security camera installations, the Security Eyes entry-level DVR card and software is a good choice. Meeting the budget of a small business installation at just under $100 for a 4-Channel DVR Card and software, this software provides basic recording and remote viewing capabilities so that you can keep an eye on your employees and areas around your business. This DVR Card and software installs into a standard Windows XP or Windows Vista Desktop PC, to allow you to record from your cameras onto the PC's hard drive for later playback. Basic remote viewing software allows you to view the cameras in full resolution from a remote location using the included PC remote client software or PDA remote viewing software for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 PDA phones. This system works with any Static IP address broadband internet connection.

Security Eyes Pro PC Based Business CCTV DVR RecordingSecurity Eyes Pro DVR Cards for Business Security Camera Systems

4-Channel 30 fps Security Eyes Pro Business PCI DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

PC-Based DVR Business Surveillance Camera Systems

Alnet CCTV Surveillance Camera Business PC-Based DVR Systems

Below, you will find several different Alnet PC-Based DVR Systems, including indoor or outdoor cameras of various types to suit virtually any business surveillance camera installations. These systems are available in 2, 4 and 8 camera varieties to suit the needs of any business surveillance camera installations.

Security Eyes PC-Based Surveillance Camera DVR Systems

Below, you will find a good selection of Security Eyes Pro PC-Based DVR Systems with various indoor and outdoor cameras.  These budget-minded PC-Based DVR Systems are a great selection for budget business surveillance camera installations.  The packages below are available in 2, 4 and 8 camera systems to suit the needs of any camera installation.