Business Surveillance Camera Systems

A quality Business Surveillance Camera System can help protect your business, record what happens, allow you to monitor your business on your television or PC, and even let you view your cameras over the internet. These Business Surveillance camera systems have come a long way in the last 10 years, and now are affordable for virtually any business, allowing even small businesses to stay protected from theft and vandalism.

Standalone DVR Systems

Standalone DVR Business Surveillance Camera Systems are a great choice for businesses who need to be able to record from their surveillance cameras right onto a hard drive in a standalone DVR, so that they do not need a PC. These Standalone DVR systems even offer the option for remotely viewing your cameras from a PC over the internet.
Standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Systems

PC-Based DVR Systems

The most feature-rich, highest resolution business surveillance camera systems are PC-Based DVR Systems. These systems provide a great high resolution recording through a DVR card, and record right onto the hard drive in your Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC. These systems also allow for the greatest remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to see your cameras in full resolution from a PC, Laptop, PDA, iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android phone, Windows Mobile PDA or even Windows Mobile Smartphones.
Business PC-Based DVR Cards and Systems

Business Surveillance Cameras

There are many types of Business Surveillance cameras that can help you protect your business. Below you will find several different catagories of business surveillance security cameras to suit your installation.

Outdoor Business Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Dome Business Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Covert Business Surveillance Cameras

Infrared Night Vision Business Surveillance Cameras

Business MegaPixel IP Surveillance Cameras

PTZ Business Surveillance Cameras

For high-end business surveillance camera installations, Pan/Tilt/Zoom PTZ Cameras are a great addition.  These cameras can provide you with the ability to move the camera and even zoom in on something that is happening at your business.  When paired with a quality PC-Based DVR, you can even control the movement of the camera from a remote location while you are away.

PTZ Surveillance Cameras

PTZ Business Surveillance Cameras are a great selection when you need to be able to pan around and zoom in on specific areas of concern around your business.  You can control these cameras using your PC-Based DVR Card or Standalone DVR system, allowing you to zoom in on vehicles in your parking lot, or watch people entering your entry-doors.

PTZ-1500-27 270x Zoom PTZ Outdoor Business Surveillance Camera with Low-Speed Operation

Low-Speed PTZ High Resolution 27x Optical Zoom Security Camera

For Basic PTZ Camera installations where Pan/Tilt and Zoom operations are needed, this low-speed PTZ model is extremely popular.  This camera thrives in well-lit environments and has 27x Optical and 10x Digital Zoom capabilities.

Low Speed 270x Zoom High Resolution PTZ Camera

PTZ-2500-18 - 180x Zoom Sony CCD Image Sensor Day/Night High-Speed PTZ Surveillance Camera

High-Speed PTZ High Resolution 18x Optical Zoom CCTV Camera

If you need to install a PTZ Camera in a lower-light outdoor environment, this High-Speed Low-Light PTZ Camera is a great selection. This camera has a 480 TVL High Resolution Sony CCD Image sensor for great quality color video during the day, and has excellent low-light night vision capabilities for low-light conditions. Comes with 18x Optical and 10x Digital Zoom capabilities.

High Speed 180x Zoom Day/Night High Resolution PTZ Camera

PTZ-3500-26 Infrared PTZ Business Surveillance camera with 260x Zoom capabilities

IR Infrared PTZ Hi-Res 26x Optical Zoom Surveillance Camera

For extreme low-light to no-light environments where a PTZ Camera is required, this Infrared IR night vision PTZ Camera is a great selection.  This camera operates on 12VDC power, and comes with a vehicle mount for police or emergency vehicle installation as well.  Infrared night vision up to 80 meters and 260x total zoom capabilities (26x Optical, 10x Digital) make this camera an all-round great selection for business security camera installations.

Infrared IR Night Vision 260x Zoom High Resolution PTZ Camera

Pan/Tilt PT Business Surveillance Cameras

For low-budget small and medium business surveillance camera installations, a moving pan/tilt camera such as the models below might be a great selection. These cameras allow for Panning (Side to Side movement) and Tilting (Up and Down movement) via an RF remote control or through your Standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR with RS-485 connection (using PELCO-D or PELCO-P protocols). These cameras also have a manually adjustable 3.5~8mm lens so that you can adjust the zoom and focus during installation.

PT-351-V49 - Hi-Res Outdoor Pan/Tilt PT Armor Dome Surveillance Camera

Hi-Res CCD Pan/Tilt Armor Dome Surveillance Camera

For a moving Pan/Tilt camera at a reasonable cost, this Pan/Tilt Armor Dome camera is an excellent selection.  These cameras allow you to control the side to side and up and down movement with the included RF Remote control, or through any standard RS-485 compatible Standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR device.

High-Res Pan/Tilt Armor Dome Surveillance Camera with RF Remote