Business Surveillance Camera Systems

A quality Business Surveillance Camera System can help protect your business, record what happens, allow you to monitor your business on your television or PC, and even let you view your cameras over the internet. These Business Surveillance camera systems have come a long way in the last 10 years, and now are affordable for virtually any business, allowing even small businesses to stay protected from theft and vandalism.

Standalone DVR Systems

Standalone DVR Business Surveillance Camera Systems are a great choice for businesses who need to be able to record from their surveillance cameras right onto a hard drive in a standalone DVR, so that they do not need a PC. These Standalone DVR systems even offer the option for remotely viewing your cameras from a PC over the internet.
Standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Systems

PC-Based DVR Systems

The most feature-rich, highest resolution business surveillance camera systems are PC-Based DVR Systems. These systems provide a great high resolution recording through a DVR card, and record right onto the hard drive in your Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC. These systems also allow for the greatest remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to see your cameras in full resolution from a PC, Laptop, PDA, iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android phone, Windows Mobile PDA or even Windows Mobile Smartphones.
Business PC-Based DVR Cards and Systems

Business Surveillance Cameras

There are many types of Business Surveillance cameras that can help you protect your business. Below you will find several different catagories of business surveillance security cameras to suit your installation.

Outdoor Business Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Dome Business Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Covert Business Surveillance Cameras

Infrared Night Vision Business Surveillance Cameras

Business MegaPixel IP Surveillance Cameras

Business Surveillance Camera Systems

No matter where you are located, if you own a business, chances are high that you have been affected by theft or vandalism. But there is something that can be done to help reduce and prevent this from occuring. A quality business surveillance camera system can help deter would-be thieves and vandals from your business, and make them move on to an easier target...and for those who aren't deterred, the business surveillance camera systems can provide you with high quality video footage of what happened, drastically increasing the chances that the perpetrator will be captured.

Check out various Business Surveillance Cameras and DVR systems below:

Business Surveillance Camera Systems

Protect your business from theft and vandalism with these standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Surveillance camera systemsBusiness Surveillance Camera Systems with Standalone DVRs

For an easy to install and operate business surveillance camera system, a standalone dvr or standalone dvr system is great choice.  These systems are as easy to install as a VCR, and can provide great quality video recording, allowing you to watch your business surveillance cameras live on your television. These systems also provide for backing up the video onto your PC or Laptop with USB access, so that you can burn the video onto a CD or DVD to provide evidence to the authorities. Optional Internet remote viewing even allows for you to watch your cameras live from a PC over the internet.

Business Standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Systems

PC-Based Business DVR Cards and PC-Based DVR Security Camera SystemsPC-Based Business Surveillance Camera DVR Systems

For the most advanced protection for your business, a PC-Based Business Surveillance Camera DVR System is an excellent choice.  These systems run through your Windows XP or Vista PC, and record directly onto the hard drive of your PC, using a DVR Card for camera inputs. These systems provide the highest quality recording, most adjustable motion detection and email alerts, as well as the greatest remote viewing functions, allowing you to view your cameras from a PC, Laptop, PDA Phone or in some cases even a Windows Mobile Smartphone over the internet. This allows you to stay connected to your business from anywhere in the world.

Business PC-Based DVR Surveillance Camera Systems and DVR Cards

Business Surveillance Cameras

Outdoor Business Security Cameras provide video coverage of your outdoor areas such as parking lots, warehouses, entry doors and more Outdoor Business Surveillance Cameras

For protection of the outdoor areas of your business, outdoor business surveillance cameras are a great selection. These sealed cameras are weatherproof for durable, long-lasting operation outside, and allow for various infrared and width of views to suit almost any business surveillance camera installation and budget.

Business Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Business Security Cameras - Protect the inside of your business from theft from employees and customersIndoor Dome Business Surveillance Cameras

Sometimes, it is very important to monitor customers and employees inside your business. These Indoor Dome Business Surveillance Cameras are a great choice for monitoring the inside of your business. These cameras range from low-price CMOS color dome cameras to High-Resolution indoor dome cameras with Sony CCD Image sensors. Some indoor dome cameras even have infrared night vision capabilities for night-vision recording.

Indoor Dome Business Surveillance Cameras

Infrared IR Night Vision Business Security CamerasBusiness Infrared (IR) Surveillance Cameras

Using business infrared (IR) surveillance cameras are a great selection for business owners who need to monitor the inside or outside areas of their business during night time, when there are no lights at all. Infrared cameras illuminate the area in front of the camera with infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye, but allow the cameras to see nearly as clear as daylight even in pitch black situations. Infrared business surveillance security cameras can be found in indoor and outdoor varieties with varying infrared ranges to suit virtually any business budget.

Infrared IR Business Surveillance Cameras

Covert Hidden Hi-Res Spy Security Cameras to monitor your businessBusiness Hidden Covert Surveillance Cameras

If you need to be able to monitor customers or employees without them knowing that they are being watched, then covert hidden surveillance cameras are a great choice. These indoor cameras are either tiny pinhole cameras that can be concealed inside virtually any item in your business, to cameras that look like common items like sprinkler-heads, motion detectors and even cigarette packs. These cameras are a great choice for any business surveillance camera installation.

Covert Business Indoor Surveillance Spy Cameras

For high end business security camera installations, these Hi-Res Pan/Tilt/Zoom PTZ Cameras are a great choicePTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Business Surveillance Cameras

For more sophisticated and advanced surveillance of your business property, PTZ Business surveillance cameras are a great choice.  These cameras come in 2 major varieties: PT (Pan/Tilt) Dome Surveillance Cameras and PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Dome Surveillance Cameras. These cameras allow you to control the direction and sometimes even zoom of your surveillance cameras, right from your standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR System. These cameras are very popular for covering parking lots, used car lots, factories and much more, as they allow you to cover greater areas with less cameras.

Business PTZ Surveillance Cameras